Do ghost followers hurt your instagram

do ghost followers hurt your instagram

If you have a lot of followers but very low engagement, it is time to remove ghost followers on Instagram. Anyone that looks at your following and compares it to your current level of engagement will be able to tell that you have a fair amount of fake followers. While many Instagram experts will tell you to remove all of your ghost followers, there are various theories as to whether or not this will help your engagement rate.

On the other hand, followers may find a brand to be less trustworthy if they have a large following of ghost accounts. Typically, a brand will only have ghost followers if they have purchased likes or followers on Instagram. This is where removing ghost followers is important. Most Instagrammers and potential customers look to brands on Instagram for authenticity.

When these users find that their favorite brand is using inauthentic means to appear more popular on Instagram, the may refuse to support them. Moreover, influencers are often given sponsorships and contracts based on their follower count. In the event that a brand is outed for having fake followers, they will lose credibility and their contracts with sponsors.

This is why brands that are building their company based on the real interactions and engagement they have on the platform should do everything they can to remove ghost followers. Start the process of controlling your metrics by figuring out who your ghost followers are and creating a plan to remove ghost followers on Instagram.

To identify these ghost followers, check to see if they have been active online recently if they have a completed bio if they post consistently, and what their follower count is like.

Wondering how to remove ghost followers on Instagram? Start getting rid of them by blocking them user by user or using an unfollower tool to remove them forever. Put quality first by investing in attracting real followers, which will ultimately boost your rate of engagement.

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do ghost followers hurt your instagram

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Twitter is completely down right now, try not to freak out yet This is the second time in two weeks. Facebook is now adding unified chat between Messenger and Instagram Also included, more Instagram tools for reporting harassment. Google is bringing commenting to your search results.Ghost followers on Instagram is nothing that most people wasting their time and concerning about them.

Ghost Followers on Instagram

Instead they need to leverage ghost followers to build authority for themselves then so to make money on Instagram is just going to get easier. Both inactive followers and ghost followers, they ignore you completely regardless how many Instagram posts you make. So instead of removing ghost followers, focus on get REAL followers on Instagram without removing them. Having ghost followers is one of the advantages to make money that show people you have the authority, so to make money on Instagram will going to be easier.

You can use one of the features on Instagram mentioned in this blog post new Instargam update … it looks like this. You simply cannot get k followers and you should be happy if they even give you a little traction to get more followers. Imagine, they ban you for no reasons with millions of followers or lower your page reach to 0. Learn how to start a blog and ask your blog readers to follow you on Instagram and instead of manipulating their platform to risk for a permanent ban. What Are Instagram Ghost Followers?

Ghost followers on Instagram is people that do not likes and comment on your Instagram page. Ghost followers are the same as inactive followers on Instagram.

What You Should Know About Ghost Followers on Instagram

Most people think they are different, but nope they are the same. How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram This is a big mistake people make… trying to remove ghost followers on Instagram instead of focusing on getting more active followers. Why I say that? Are the rest going to be ghost out or become inactive followers?

Make Money on Instagram with Followers Having ghost followers is one of the advantages to make money that show people you have the authority, so to make money on Instagram will going to be easier. Next, do not use free hashtags generator. I recommend one of the tool below… Leverage Instagram Post Scheduler To get more followers, you simply need to post on a consistent basis.

Get Real Followers, Externally. Instead of putting all your egg into one basket. Is Instagram Shadowban Permanent? Top 1 Ultimate Guide by earthvessle.

Instagram Hashtags Not Working? Ghost Followers on Instagram — Conclusions. If you like this blog post about ghost followers or inactive followers share it. Or to get the insider Instagram secrets tips, Join the free updates. Go to mobile version.Email news to help raise your dog as well as tips on how to become a social media rockstar. There seems to be a new false believe that removing ghost followers will help your engagement on Instagram.

The other side you cannot see is if they have consumed your content. In the screen shot for the post above …. Time and time again I have tested these third party apps and found them classifying my family members as ghost users when in fact I know they are looking at every post; they just choose to not engage.

That said -the reporting side is much more advanced on Facebook. But it also gives some insight on Consumption Views and clicks. Extrapolating this out — most people on Instagram focus on engagement Likes, comments and saves. For those that have the analytics … it also shows us Reach and Impressions.

I think there are more consumers than engaged consumers. As more and more people from Facebook come over to Instagram — that behavior will carry over. More and more followers stand the risk of being classified incorrectly as a ghost follower when in fact you have no idea or no way of knowing how often they are consuming your content without engaging.

Third party apps that claim to report ghost followers have access to data scraping a limited data set at each time. So they are taking their best guess but they only have likes and comments.

do ghost followers hurt your instagram

As an early Instagram user I was one of the first among my personal network to use Instagram. I have friends that have an Instagram account that I do not follow. And when I click on their accounts — they may or may not have a posted a photo ever.

What are Ghost Followers on Instagram & How Can You Avoid?

They may or may not have a profile photo. For those that have started to use it — they are posting once every 45 to 60 days. But if you were to classify them they might look like a ghost follower. As the Facebook masses come over to Instagram more of this type of behavior will occur. Contextually you have to know the demographic that acts this way is those that are older.

I myself have a personal account. I can name more than 20 of my personal friends who use Instagram this way. I invite you to test this out on your own circle of friends and Facebook friends. If you were to analyze their accounts would they look like engaged users or ghost followers? Something about your account appealed to them. Also if for some reason they did in fact stop seeing your content … could it be they have something else going on in their lives?

Maybe they have finals. Maybe they moved homes? Maybe they just had a baby. Instagram is in its infancy. The platform is just starting to grow.

The sole job of the algorithm is to get people to come back to the platform. The more time we spend on the platform the more Instagram grows. The average user spends 35 minutes on the platform signing in for 9 to 10 times a day. But the amount of content has increased.As more and more business moves online — with an even sharper rise thanks to COVID, no less — the important of social media influencers is also growing.

Even before the world was hit by the pandemic, influencers were a primary source of purchasing advice for an increasing segment of the population. This is enough of an issue that these straw-dummy followers even have a technical name — ghost followers.

In the past, while influencer marketing was in its infancy, a large following was enough to attract companies to an influencer, but as the field develops in complexity, quality of followers is beginning to prove much more important than quantity. They rarely have any content on their profiles, and with the prevalence of bot farming, the vast majority of them are created by computer programmes in order to be sold to unscrupulous influencers or ordinary users seeking to pad their egos.

To get around this, many influencers have now begun to market themselves for collaboration not just based on their follower counts, but also their engagement. Ghost followers harm the accounts they latch onto in two ways: loss of credibility and reduction in engagement rates.

Follower count can be used to quickly assess the performance of a social media account, and the division of micro- macro- and mega-influencers is made based on total number of followers. That higher engagement rate more than makes up for the lower number of followers and will make her a much more effective influencer for a marketing campaign.

Brands want to work with these influencers, because their audiences are genuine, engaged, and ready to be influenced. If in doubt, ask to see their engagement statistics on their most recent posts — a large following with almost no engagement is a bad sign. Take a look at the comments on their most recent posts. Contests are one way for influencers or brands to drive lots of organic engagement, and can be as simple as following, liking or subscribing for a chance to win something.

This should really be obvious.

Instagram Algorithm \

Worse, on many platforms, evidence that an account has been sold is enough to receive a ban from the platform altogether. The only real solution to ghost followers is to build a genuine, organic audience — or leave it to the professionals. A professional influencer marketing agency like Sociably can cut through all of your worries about ghost followers, engagement rate and influencer screening, and get straight to creating effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers with fake followings are screened out during the vetting process, and never make it onto the contact rolls of a good influencer marketing agency. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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However, ghost followers on Instagram are a growing problem for the platform that is seldom discussed. For a long time, simply having a high number of follower on Instagram gained your account instant authority and appeal. However, not all followers are of equal value and a poor quality following can greatly affect your bottom line. As more business is conducted by both brands and influencers on Instagramprofessionals are now looking for quality over quantity when it comes to Instagram followers.

These types of accounts rarely have any content on their profiles and are often created by bots. A couple of random followers is nothing to worry about, but too many ghost followers can have a major impact on your Instagram engagement.

The biggest consequence of ghost followers, for any account, is the loss of credibility. For example, if an account has 20, followers, but only likes per photo, users will easily spot the inconsistency in these two metrics. As a result, the authenticity of their profile comes into question, which gives way to other problems. Ghost followers can often make it extremely difficult to value your marketing efforts accurately.

Follower count is used to indicate key performance metrics of a profile, but these metrics can be skewed by ghost followers. Company A has 10, followers and averages a healthy 1, likes per pictures and around comments. Company B, on the other hand, has 40, followers, but only averages likes, and a handful of comments.

Though Company B looks better at first glance because of its astronomical follower count, it realistically is a much less valuable profile, due to its low engagement. Users with fake Instagram followers have no ability to truly determine their reach on Instagram as they have no idea how many real followers they actually have.

Today, Instagram is used for more than just sharing photos of your meals, vacations, and music preferences. Instagram is becoming a mass marketing tool for both brands and influencers. Companies look to sell products on Instagram to reach any of the 1 billion users.

The profit potential behind such reach is enormous. However, ghost followers on Instagram will never attribute to likes on a post, clicks to a website, or sales.

Instead of a bot invest the time to truly engage with your followers and comment and like their photos yourself. When you truly connect they know and become more loyal customers. Especially with the rollout of new features, like shoppable Instagram feedsInstagram is becoming a platform for customers to not only discover products, but also directly make purchases. Brands who take shortcuts too boost their followers quickly will never see an increase in their ROI. At the end of the day, brands partner with influencers to reach an audience that will have a genuine interest in their product and ideally make a purchase.

Having a lot of followers may draw potential partners in initially.Most of us are probably familiar with the phenomenon of ghosting — when someone disappears without explanation and stops talking to or interacting with another person. Ghost followers are not the people who ghosted you although they might be some of them.

Similar to the concept of ghosting, ghost followers are people who follow you on social media like Instagrambut never like, comment on, or engage with your posts. There are differing opinions on whether or not ghost followers are bad for your account, and many apps claim to be able to detect these followers. Read on to learn more about ghost followers and whether or not you should worry about them. Ghost followers are people who follow you but never engage with any of your posts. Most of us probably have a lot more followers than we do likes on pictures — not all of your followers like every single one of your posts.

These are ghost followers. Ghost followers are like ghosts in that they haunt your Instagram, in a way. Ghost followers are typically either fake followers or simply inactive users. How can I tell if a follower is fake or not?

Most fake accounts are fairly easy to spot. A fake Instagram account generally follows a lot of people, but has very few followers. They tend to have very few posts of their own, if any. If you ever bought followers, they are very likely fake. Buying fake followers is a cheap way to boost your follower count, but it ultimately hurts your Instagram. Even if you bought fake followers who were supposed to like your photos, they often only like a few before becoming ghost followers. Having fake ghost followers is useless: sure, you have more followers, but they never engage with your posts.

These followers are less harmful than fake followers. Many people only use Instagram to share with friends and family, so they may not care about things like engagement. Fake followers, who are most often ghost followers, can be problematic, however. There are a few reasons why ghost followers may be bad for your account:. Ghost followers do not like, comment, or engage with your posts. This lowers your engagement rate. Businesses and Instagram influencers, however, should.

When you run a business account on Instagram, engagement is an important metric to track. Having high engagement shows potential new followers and customers that others truly like your brand and enjoy the content you share. An account with high engagement will be favored by the Instagram algorithmwill be more likely to appear on Instagram explore pagesand looks better all-around. High engagement provides social proof to others that your brand is trusted and well liked, which could lead them to follow your or buy your products or services.

An account with low engagement, on the other hand, may look shady, low-quality, or simply not well liked.These days? Those making investment decisions or marketing choices are looking for quality, not quantity. They want followers that will engage and interact with contentones that are likely to bring in a ROI. As the term may imply, ghost followers are those followers that merely represent a number. They may be following a huge number of accounts, but have only a few followers themselves.

These are some of the ways to spot a ghost follower. These types of followers are bound to cross your path at one point due to the sheer amount of bots and growth programs out there these days, so not to worry.

There are a variety of ways that ghost followers can affect your Instagram. Lo and behold, upon the first glance at a photo or comment section, there are only a few likes, less than one hundred. For an account with so many followers, much more engagement is to be expected.

This inconsistency is very easy to identify, and immediately users will think you have been up to some unsavory things to amass that number of followers. One this has happened, they are less likely to take you seriously; your opportunities for marketing opportunities are at risk, sales may be out of the question if they feel you are unreliable, or your content becomes desperate or less desirable.

Ghost followers make it virtually impossible to monitor these metrics with accuracy. So, which one looks more attractive?

do ghost followers hurt your instagram

Without even looking at the follower count, immediately TB1 is much more desirable than TB2. Yes, TB2 has a higher follower count. But TB1 has valuable engagements and profile interactions. Which one is likely to bring in more potential for leads, sales, and active engagement? TB1 without a doubt. Not only is TB1 more desirable, they can actually monitor their Instagram performance and know with certainty in which direction to continue developing.

They cannot possibly know the true performance of their content, or how much of that engagement is actually real. This is a true problem for those looking for business growth opportunities and marketing through the platform, and this type of indicator is not only a huge red flag for potential investors or partners, but also a detriment for account management. At this point, it is clear that ghost followers do nothing more than add a tally to your number of Instagram followers.

So what does that mean for brands, companies, and small businesses that are actually looking to expand their reach and increase sales? Ghost followers will not help to achieve this goal. They will do nothing. Unfortunately, with ghost followers, none of this will be a beneficial business tool. Using these ghost followers to make your profile seem more attractive is ultimately a hit and miss; they will never turn a profit for you in the long-term.

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